Sidney Kina

Occlusal and physiological concepts for oral rehabilitation

  • Dentist in a private clinic in Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
  • MSc in Dental Clinic from FOP/UNICAMP
  • PhD in Dental Prosthesis from UNESP/Araçatuba
  • Author of the book “Invisible Ceramic Aesthetic Restorations”
  • Author of the bookEquilibrium: adhesive ceramics case book
  • Director of the University Chair of Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry, UCAM/Spain

Nationality: Brazil

Scientific areas: Aesthetics and rehabilitation

28 of november, from 14h30 until 18h45

Sala 1

Conference summary

Oral rehabilitation is the greatest challenge of restorative dentistry.  Its need presupposes the determination of the reasons and snags (cause and diagnosis) and a method to (re)establish the order (planning and treatment). The different methods of oral rehabilitation, all have to adapt to new problems and lifestyles: less caries and periodontal problems (optimal) and more parafunctional habits and non-carious injuries (“bruxism”, attrition, erosion and abrasion, terrible), and the requirement of a dentistry less invasive and more adhesive, simpler and less complex, and more, much faster.  The purpose of this course is to bring an efficient, safe, and fast methodology for oral rehabilitation, based on what is new in concepts, technologies and dental materials.


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