Scientific Commission message

Dear Colleague,


Perhaps more than ever in the recent history of mankind, knowledge sharing is of absolute crucial importance. Not only because in the current situation and in a pressing manner we perceive the need for access to reliable science that allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff, but also because knowledge sharing affirms us. Maintaining the OMD Congress, despite all the obvious constraints, is therefore imperative. It is an intrinsic mechanism of pandemic combat that dignifies us as a professional class, but above all as human beings. First of all, we would like to thank the predecessors of the Scientific Commission whose laudable work we decided to pursue and wanted to honour.

Secondly, our thanks go to the Organizing Committee that embraced this huge challenge of organizing a different congress in record time. We manifest our solidarity and support.

Finally, to all those involved in Oral Health, we highlight that these are uncertain times, but are also times of scientific technical development that promise to revolutionize in various levels the way we practice dental medicine. For all of the above it is important to participate.

We are waiting for you!


António Duarte Mata

President of the Scientific Commission