The pandemic brought new challenges to the Portuguese Dental Association’s annual congress. Because we privilege innovation and networking, we have reinvented Expodentária Portugal, which will be held simultaneously with the annual meeting of dental medicine, on November 27th and 28th, 2020. This year, far from the usual hustle and bustle, generated by the high number of participants, we are just a click away.

The stands will come to life in a virtual showroom that will provide visitors with an immersive experience and exhibitors the possibility to idealize a point of contact with dentists and present frontline novelties and tendencies. No creation or technological development will remain unannounced in 2020.

We maintained the eco-friendly concept and the creative freedom of exhibitors, who will still have an area to present their initiatives. But we innovated in providing a 100% virtual, more engaging and inclusive visit, in a 360º view, which allows dentists to explore in greater detail the contents of his/her interest.

Expodentária Portugal therefore returns in a different manner, through a specific digital platform – accessible via computer or mobile devices – which will ensure the usual dynamics between visitors and exhibitors.


We’re waiting for you!