Official Numbers 2010

Statistical information on dentistry practice in Portugal

500x710-numbersThe purpose of this publication is to provide statistical information on Dentistry practice in Portugal, to the general population, public health providers and professionals.

We consider this analysis performed by the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the University of Porto Medical School, of great relevance to each and everyone that are initiating their professional activity or to those that for some reason intend to change their clinical practice.

We expect that this publication will be helpful, especially to young graduates, by providing insights on the socioeconomic realty of dentistry practice in Portugal.

Currently, the Portuguese Dental Association (OMD) has 6595 members of 29 nationalities, dispersed around the country.

Nevertheless, socioeconomic factors and the lack of information and accessibility to dentistry practice, keep a substantial fraction of our population, especially older people, infectious diseases patients, people with disabilities, from a fundamental constitutional right – the Right to Health.


Download the Portuguese Dental Association Official Data 2010 (pdf, 12 MB)