Editorial Presentation

Portuguese Dental Association Magazine: 7 years of (in)formation!


Portuguese Dental Association Magazine (Revista da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas) is the official PDA media and, as such, publishes all information cataloged as relevant for dentists and for their activity. The magazine was presented at the 2008 PDA Congress and, since then, it has been positioned as an indispensible information element for all dental professionals.

Excellence and impartial approach on best practices in dentistry and in oral health promotion at Portugal are our core values!

Portuguese Dental Association Magazine publishes four numbers per year. Its contents focus into national and international oral health themes. The magazine boosts the exchange between dentists (and other professionals) and establishes itself as a manual of exceptional knowledge.

Therefore, the information is segmented by two distinct vectors, both crucial for the technical and scientific knowledge development:

Main section: information is the watchword for PDA Magazine. Divided into several editorial sections, it compiles institutional information and social and professional activities that are important for our members. On the other hand, it gives attention to several aspects of profession, like oral health issues, industry, science and investigation. The contents are wide-ranging and it includes interviews, reports, statistic information and news.

Scientific section: it is a reflection about the dentistry knowledge. For those who publishes scientific articles it is an opportunity to value their CV. Disclose studies represents for its authors the sharing of the knowledge update with his pairs or the dissemination of a scientific discover. This has a priceless value. Therefore our editorial guideline follows the mission of disseminate the scientific presentations that are known at PDA Congress and examined very carefully and elected by Scientific Commission.


With quarterly periodicity, the magazine has an average print of 12 thousand examples and currently is distributed for almost 9000 dentists PDA members and other public entities.

Portuguese Dental Association Magazine is available in digital format for not exclude any reader. You can access to the online magazine through your computer, cell phone or tablet from any part of the world.




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