Catarina Chaves

COVID-19 Tests - where did we start, where are we going

  • Consulting Clinical Pathologist
  • Head of Bacteriology Department- Coimbra Hospital
  • Consulting Member of “Programa Nacional de Prevenção e Controlo de Infeções e das Resistências aos A
  • Member of Burns Center Multidisciplinary Team – Coimbra Hospital

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: Oral medicine

28 of november, from 12h15 until 12h45

Sala 1

Conference summary

In the context of the pandemic due to the new SARS Cov2 coronavirus, it is worth mentioning what type of methodologies are used for the diagnosis and / or “screening” of the infection, what type of biological sample is used and what is the analytical time for each one. It is of utmost importance to highlight the approaches for containing outbreaks and signaling cases and / or contacts. All of these approaches will allow the return to assistance activity in the safest way possible, living with this new reality.