Andreia Bandeira Luís

Personal protective equipment

  • Master in Dental Medicine by FMDUL, in 2016 (professional certificate OMD 10612)
  • Post-Graduation in Teaching Methodologies in Oral Biology by FMDUL, in 2017
  • Collaborator of the FMDUL Oral Biology and Biochemistry Research Group
  • Author and co-author of national and international communications and posters

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: Dental assistant course

28 of november, from 09h45 until 10h30

Sala 3

Conference summary

The new COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a public health emergency with a global impact, associated with important social and economic challenges. The potential exposure that the oral health team is subjected to, infection control practises including the use of personal protective equipment are crucial to a successful control of nosocomial outbreaks, and need to be appropriate to the pathogen transmission route. In this presentation the personal protective equipment levels and protocols will be systematically described according to the exposure risk of each procedure, based on the critical appraisal of the best available evidence.