Alexandra Vinagre

Prior screening and presential patient reception

  • DDS degree, FMUC, 1998
  • Invited Lecturer of Operative Dentistry, FMUC
  • Orthodontic postgraduate degree, FMUC, 2003
  • MsC degree, FMUC, 2006
  • PhD degree, FMUC, 2014
  • Specialist in Orthodontic, OMD, 2015

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: Dental assistant course

28 of november, from 09h00 until 09h45

Sala 3

Conference summary

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed decisively everyone’s daily routines. Since dental offices have reopened, systematic and well-defined measures were advocated to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus among patients, doctor’s, assistants and staff. Fear of exposure to the virus may patients delay or avoid seeking necessary oral health care. Those measures clearly communicated, consistently implemented and further updated, as new evidence becomes available, will improve internal clinical safety and engender patient confidence.

This lecture will address a science-based guideline focused on the steps of pre-screening and patient reception in the appointment scheduled day.