Patrícia Almeida Santos

Sustainability in dentistry

  • Dental degree by FCS-UFP in 2005
  • Specialist in Periodontology by the Portuguese Dental Association
  • Coordinator of the Working Group Environment and Sustainability of the PDA

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: Dental assistant course

19 of november, from 17h30 until 19h00

Auditorium C

Conference summary

2015 will go down in history as the year of the definition of the 2030 agenda, consisting of 17 sustainable development goals.
Recognizing its importance, Dentistry must also make efforts to make daily clinical practice more sustainable for people and the planet.
However, taking the first steps towards the sustainability paradigm can be intimidating.
If until now the guidelines of the best infection control practices encouraged the practice of the profession with single-use materials, discouraging reuse and recommending the sterilized storage of instruments, today environmental awareness makes us rethink and forces us to reflect deeply on ways to reduce the impact on natural resources, while promoting oral health, without ever neglecting the safety of the clinical team and the patient.
The aim of this presentation is to recognize the main challenges faced by the dental medicine sector and the opportunities to improve and make daily clinical practice increasingly sustainable.