The congress is greener!

Let’s work together for a greener world.


Mobile application

This year the program will not be impressed. We developed an aplication where you can consult all of the scientific program, socioprofessional and also the Expodentária information.

Beyond the environmental conscience this mobile application was developed to promote diferent experiences at this year congress. With the app you will be able to:

– Create you own program, choosing your favorite sessions and stands;

– Take notes directly at the app and send them to you email;

– Interact with the presenters making questions or replying to inqueries inside the sessions.


Bye bye plastic

To end the use of plastic bottles, there is a glass botle at the congress bag, for each participant, to be refilled at water fountains, located at FIL – Parque das Nações.
You will also find bottled water machines from Eden Springs Portugal at various points in the congress.



Recycle the plastic bags from you name tag at the exit at the final day of your attendance.

Look for the recycling container at the exit.