Juan Carlos Perez Varela

Treatment of adult skeletal transversal problems

  • Degree in Medicine and Dentistry . Univ of Santiago de Compostela MD, DDS
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Orthodontics. Univ of Valencia. MS (Prof JA Canut)
  • Research Fellowship at University of Ohio (Prof. Zeev Davidovitch)
  • PhD in Medicine and Surgery. PhD . Univ of Santiago de Compostela
  • Spanish Board of Orthodontics Member -European Board of Orthodontics Member
  • Ibero American Board of Orthodontics Member
  • Active Member of The Angle Society of Europe
  • Professor of Orthodontics at School of Dentistry . Univ of Santiago de Compostela
  • Visiting Professor University of Valencia, Oviedo, Madrid
  • Complutense, international of Cataluña Teknon Barcelona , Ferrara University (Italia)
  • “Houston Award” received from European Orthodontic Society
  • “Renato Africa APOS Trend Award . From Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society
  • “Moriyon” and “Jose Antonio Canut” Awards. Received from the Spanish Orthodontics Society.
  • Past President of the examination committee of the Spanish Board.
  • President of Spanish Society of Orthodontist .SEDO
  • President of national commission of dental specialities
  • Member of the Scientific Comitee of the Angle Society of Europe
  • Past President of the Spanish Association of Specialist in Orthodontists. AESOR
  • Past President of the Scientific Comitee of SEDO
  • Co-Developer of Full Smile System -Author of numerous articles and chapters.
  • I have given Lectures and Courses in Spain , Portugal , Belgium , Italy , Germany , Austria , Poland , Turkey , Russia , Switzerland, Czech republic , Libano , Jordán , UAE, Israel , Cuba , México ,Panamá , Hungary , China, England , USA, Greece, Sri Lanka . Saudí Arabia , South Africa
  • Orthodontist in Santiago de Compostela – Orense
  • Ambassador of AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) 2016

Nationality: Spain

Scientific areas: Orthodontics

14 of november, from 14h30 until 19h00

Auditório C

Conference summary

Treatment of compression of the upper maxilla is a very common dentofacial deformity in teenagers and adults (Betts NJ, Vanarsdall.R.L. 1995). In adult patients when sutures are closed, we have two possible treatments: surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME) and segmented osteotomy of the maxilla. SARME was traditionally using a tooth-borne orthodontic device (HYRAX,HAAS). In this conference, I am going to present a group of adult patients, all of which have transversal hypoplasia of the maxilla and treated with our 3D bone supported customized expansor.


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