Eliete Dominguez Lopez Camanho

Occupational oral health

  • PhD and Master in Dental Sciences – Occupational Dentistry, University of São Paulo
  • Specialist in Occupational Dentistry by the Federal Council of Dentistry of Brazil
  • Director, Department of Occupational Dentistry, South American Forensic Dentists Association
  • President Technical Chamber of Labor Dentistry of the Regional Council of Dentistry of São Paulo
  • Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Occupational Dentistry at SOESP-SP
  • Professor at the Specialization Course in Occupational Dentistry at FUNDECTO – USP-SP
  • President of the I and II International Congress of Occupational Dentistry – São Paulo – Brazil
  • Medal and Diploma of Honor to Professional Merit “Dr. Luiz César Pannain” – 2011

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific area: On Our Agenda...

15 of november, from 14h30 until 19h00

Sala 2

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Sectoral competences in dentistry: foretaste