Placement of dental implant in esthetic zone – How to be predictable

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Paulo Campos

Caucasian Female patient, 37, without systemic diseases, and non-smoker.

On the clinical and radiographic examination, there was the presence of inflammation in the area adjacent to the root, with vestibular probing up to 6mm with bleeding and suppuration, cast metal post and core without adaptation to the remaining root, which had fracture with the labial fragment clinically mobile. Taking into account the exposure of smile and aesthetic requirements of the patient we decided to privileged predictability over the duration of treatment. It was made the tooth extraction and the socket was sealed with a free gingival graft from the palate. After 2.5 months we proceeded to a Neodent implant placement Alvim 4.3/13mm cone morse and guided bone regeneration with xenograft and pericardium membrane. After 6 months we proceeded to the reopening with placement of temporary tooth, with the modified roll technique. After two months we made up a new provisional for modeling the tissues. After reaching the desired gingival architecture, we proceeded to the final crown.

Given the presence of horizontal and vertical bone loss, with loss of distal bone crest, and active infection, it was decided to delay the implant placement, that was placed in the most appropriate position, with concomitant guided bone regeneration. Placing free gingival graft, after tooth extraction, allowed the maintenance of keratinized gum as part of the buccal gingival volume. The phase reopening allowed further increase the buccal gingival volume. The approach, allowed the rehabilitation with implants in the esthetic zone predictably.