Bubacar Embalo

Training in dental medicine as a means of enhancement in cooperation with portuguese speaking countries

  • Dental surgeon
  • Master in Oral Diagnosis (Oral Pathology)
  • Doctor in Public Health
  • Head of Department for Education, Epidemiological Studies and Scientific Research at HNSM
  • Professor at the Lusófona University of Guinea-Microbiology
  • Professor at Jean Piaget University-Microbiology and Scientific Research
  • Dental surgeon assigned to the Stomatology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Service of the HNSM
  • Member of IADR and SBPqO

Nationality: Guinea-Bissau

Scientific areas: On Our Agenda (ADL)

19 of november, from 09h00 until 10h30

Room 2

Conference summary

Guinea-Bissau (GB), located in West Africa, integrates the list of the lowest HDI countries in the world, has high rates of oral diseases, has complex structural problems combined with political instability since its independence.

The population is underserved at all levels of oral health care and few human resources in the field of dentistry. Of the 17 dentists registered with the Order of Physicians of the GB, all had their training abroad, mostly in Brazil, there are no training schools in dentistry in the country.

In this sense, in 2018, the National School of Health, in cooperation with Unichristus University/Brasil, formed the first group of technicians in oral health composed of 24 students. The course was taught together with local professors of dentists, in 24 modules.

The training aimed at training in the scope of prevention and promotion in oral health. The teaching, research and extension triad is a means of consolidating and internationalizing existing teaching institutions in the Portuguese-speaking world and strengthening cooperation for training and qualifying local staff, and creating new training schools in dentistry.

We conclude that international cooperation projects in the field of education and health should be encouraged within the CPLP to strengthen training in dentistry, contribute to the promotion and prevention of diseases in oral health and the improvement of health systems.

Lecturer of the session “On Our Agenda” with the title “Portuguese-speaking Dental Association Forum (ADL): training in dental medicine as a means of enhancement in cooperation with portuguese speaking countries”.