Bruno Almeida Gomes

Digital orthodontics and its predictability in clinical practice

  • Degree in Dentistry from FMUC 2009
  • Postgraduate in Orthodontics in the SSW technique, Porto
  • Master InSmile, Porto
  • Master advanced aligners academy, Madrid
  • Specialization Diploma in Orthodontics from the University of Salamanca.
  • KOL Smilers

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: Sponsored conference (Biotech Dental)

18 of october, from 16h15 until 17h00

Auditorium D

Conference summary

Since the beginnings of orthodontics, controlling the forces exerted on teeth has been a major challenge.

These days we rely on technology to allow us to achieve this much-desired feat.

It is with the emergence of dental aligners that orthodontists can plan their treatments in a more predictable way, from the final position of the teeth, to the correct sequence of movements, always taking into account a correct diagnosis and absolute respect for biological limits.

These are the principles that we will explain during the lecture, so that dentists and orthodontists acquire knowledge to improve their clinical practice and the digital vision of current orthodontics.

Sponsored conference