António Mano Azul

The Portuguese national programme for the promotion of oral health: dentist voucher

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: On Our Agenda (dentist check)

18 of november, from 11h00 until 13h00

Room 2

Conference summary

The Dental Voucher was created in 2006, and at the time, it was probably the best way to assure a greater accessibility of the population to oral healthcare. An accessibility that otherwise would not exist.

However, society has evolved, has transformed itself. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Dental Voucher, which has come to a standstill after a short setback with Troika.

Maybe for this reason, the Dental Voucher is not used to its whole capacity and therefore does not comply with the purpose it was created for.

Possibly the needs of the population are also changing, as well as the needs of the professionals that have globally been supporting the maintenance of the programme.

A serious, objective and impartial evaluation would help to clarify many doubts.