António Mano Azul

Imperfect smiles: oral health in Portugal

  • Professor and Head of Oral Surgery and Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery MIMD
  • Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz
  • Coordinator of the National Program for Promotion of Oral Health and Portugal Chief Dental Officer
  • Guest Professor Specializations in Oral Medicine (CESPU), Oral Pathology (FMDUP) and Oral Surgery (Univ. Catholic)
  • Founder and Past President European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM)
  • President of the Portuguese Academy of Oral Medicine
  • Comissioner of the Health Nacional Plan 2021-2030 (Portugal)

Nationality: Portugal

Scientific areas: On Our Agenda (imperfect smiles)

18 of november, from 09h00 until 10h30

Room 2

Conference summary

Lecturer of the session “On Our Agenda” with the title “Imperfect smiles: oral health in Portugal”.